Mr. D21

My name is Darryl Krause from Lynden Washington. Known as Mr. D21. I'm married to my wife of 20 years, Carissa. We have two sons, Noah, 13 and Lincoln 9. I fell in love with this Muscle Tractor when I was 8 years old watching Mr. Bob Vanderploeg pull his tractor at the local tractor pulls.  That chrome grill and black smoke leaving the line with the front end off the ground and a sound of it's own. Still vision this today! I didn't own my first D21 unit the fall of 2002 and still own this pulling tractor today. I have been blessed to own 29 D21's since that time along with a few other tractors. In the fall of 2014 I bought serial #4498, first off the line in 1969, after 5 years of waiting to sell it. Less than 2 weeks later I stumbled across #1001 on Craigslist and a month later I got a message from a guy in Texas on the last one. In 11 months I was to find these "Holy Grail's". I am very humbled, blessed, and soon thankful to find and purchase these. I was sponsored to come back to the Gathering of The Orange in Pontiac Illinois August of 2018. I was warmly welcomed there. This is where I meet Beth and Zach and the whole Repking family.  What a great group of people. I also got to meet other people from The Triple A Tractor Club.  We hit it off right away. I got the idea to do a webpage by Sherry Schaefer of Heritage Iron Magazine and locked in the name. I talked to Zach after the show about this and he and Beth agreed we could all do this together as  team since we all "Bleed Orange". I am long winded and could go on  forever but I do need to thank God for networking me with so many great people over the years to carry this Passion of the D21, Bob Vanderploeg of Meridian Equipment whom was the local AC dealership and huge help to this day. Kevin Tevelde whom is my engine builder and master mechanic and a wealth of knowledge over the years. Also my wife and kids who support me doing this. Enjoy the page and we are excited to see where this goes. 

Thanks Darryl